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Presenting thé “The Dottie Quilt”

This is a dream for me. For years I’ve always wanted to create a pattern to share with the world. As bad as 2020 has been for me with dealing with my home catching on fire, to our car being hit and wreaked by a drunk driver. It could have been worse. Whatever the case, it’s been one heck of a year but throughout those stormy moments there is a bit of sunshine. The launch of my quilt pattern which I named after the woman who taught me how to quilt, my mommy! The quilt is inspired by my childhood growing up in the Bronx. Graffiti was all over the BX- how New Yorkers refer to the Bronx. There were lots of bright colors that I will never forgot which helped me create my designs.

I am so happy to bring to life the mixture of lines, colors and designs that are in my head. So order your pattern now and let’s get to quilt making. Click link here to order yours!
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Patti Basemi Dream Collection with Art Gallery Fabrics

It was really a dream come true when Patti instant messaged me and ask me if I would like to create my quilt using her new collection. I’ve been working on my pattern for a while now so I was extremely excited to share it. I know so many of you have been waiting to get a glimse of it and so now you have. My quilt was inspired by my mum, hence the reason I named it the Dottie Quilt. My pattern will be on sale this December so make sure you stay tuned for the release by following my instagram. Until then take a look at these pictures and then head on over to the art gallery and check out Daydream Fabric Lookbook.

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A year dedicated to tea

My 2020 is all about doing things that bring me joy and tea happens to be a joy bringer. Tea in my household growing up was always a staple. My mom would always have teacake, tarts, pie and so much more delicious treats for my brothers and I . So while living in NYC this year I will seek out tea shops all over along with my good friend who I hosted a TV Show with a few moons back. She shares my love for tea also. For years I've enjoy tea bag tea but this year I found a love for loose tea. Here are a few photos of our tea adventures if you are a tea lover seek me out on Instagram @mrsporfiria and let talk about the beautiful world of tea. Our first stop on my tea journey was Harney and Son . It was a world of loose tea in beautiful crafted boxes that captivated my tea spirit. All of the flavors, smells I could not contain my joy it was like a child in a candy store. I took sip after sip after sip. All the beautiful colors hypnotize me for hours.

I purchase a tea with the word "Paris"on it. Of course I had too you should know by now I'm a French woman trapped in a New York Native body, lol. Paris is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot. The smell alone will transform you to a distant land of beautiful lace frocks and strings of pearls. '

Our next stop was a adorable tea spot in the village. It was a British theme shop, they had such an incredible chicken pot pie! It was small and home like we enjoy our lunch.

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