A year dedicated to tea

My 2020 is all about doing things that bring me joy and tea happens to be a joy bringer. Tea in my household growing up was always a staple. My mom would always have teacake, tarts, pie and so much more delicious treats for my brothers and I . So while living in NYC this year I will seek out tea shops all over along with my good friend who I hosted a TV Show with a few moons back. She shares my love for tea also. For years I've enjoy tea bag tea but this year I found a love for loose tea. Here are a few photos of our tea adventures if you are a tea lover seek me out on Instagram @mrsporfiria and let talk about the beautiful world of tea. Our first stop on my tea journey was Harney and Son . It was a world of loose tea in beautiful crafted boxes that captivated my tea spirit. All of the flavors, smells I could not contain my joy it was like a child in a candy store. I took sip after sip after sip. All the beautiful colors hypnotize me for hours.

I purchase a tea with the word "Paris"on it. Of course I had too you should know by now I'm a French woman trapped in a New York Native body, lol. Paris is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot. The smell alone will transform you to a distant land of beautiful lace frocks and strings of pearls. '

Our next stop was a adorable tea spot in the village. It was a British theme shop, they had such an incredible chicken pot pie! It was small and home like we enjoy our lunch.

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YES,YES I am on my my way too quiltcon. This will be my first visit to this amazing quilting convention. I have created my list of must see vendors. I will try my hardest to maintain my self when I see some of the wonderful quilters I've followed on social media. Here are a few I look forward to seeing Daisy from https://warmfolk.com , ARIANNA CAGGIANO @quiltkween, RIANE MENARDI MORRISON @riane.elise, ANGELA WALTERS @angelafmq these are just a few I am inspired by. So if you see me there don't hesitate to say Hi. I have added the countdown to my page to share. In the meantime I wanted to share some makes from over the years that I did not post to my blog check it out. In the near future I will hopefully share an e-book on my quilt journey.

Updated: Jan 31

It’s a curly girl thing...........

Let‘s talk hair products for a moment. Now most of you are aware that I want long curly hair. So I am always looking for the best hait products to keep my hair moisturized. And it’s a struggle especially when it come to the three most important things for me when accessing a hair care products . My three concerns are always smell, texture and price.

So when I heard Tracée Ellis Ross has out a new haircare line i jump for joy...why you ask because I been a fan of hers since way back I don’t remember. So because I’m a fan I Naturally had to try it. So I purchase the Conditioner first not realizing it was not a leave in 😂 lol. I washed my hair my regular routine way which is co-washing with Tresemme naturals. I then added my own hair oil that I diy of Avocado and Olive oil then I used the Pattern Beauty Conditioner as a leave in. My results are below, I plan of purchasing more item and sharing a video so make sure you subscribe to my page so I can share deets with you! Also the smell is amazing two thumbs up on that!

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