Red Currants Cake

This past Saturday, on one of regular visits to my Brooklyn farmers market, I stumbled upon something I had lots of trouble finding. As you can see from the pictures below it was "RED CURRANTS". I was suprise and thrill at the same time. Wow! I mean, honestly, I was as amazed. I felt like I won the lottery. "Red Currants", at my Brooklyn farmers market. The first thing that pop in my mind was, what will I do with them. Then I thought of the movie, Hundred-Foot Journey with Marguerite picking fresh ones.

Most people create jams and Jelly with the red currents. But for me that was too easy. I wanted to do something special with my new found red currents for my Sunday Baking. Finding the currants was really special to me. So after searching the internet, I found a French inspired cake made with red currants. The blog I found wasI listed

I did make a few substitutions, such-as; using butter oil and instead of white sugar I used raw brown sugar.