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most of you know me from my Instagram and my playful take on quilting! I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me on my site. 

Hey, I'm Porfiria


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Dried florals and grass on tan backgroun
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My story

 Bonjour! I am a sewing enthusiast, self-proclaimed designer and blogger. I'm a dreamer and lover of family life. I also have a passion to create beautiful things. These days you will find me on my sewing machine getting lost in old school romance while I create one of my many  loves either a quilt, cooking or a beautiful piece of lingerie.

My love of sewing began as a child.


I am a native New Yorker with a heart that was born in the countryside of France. See what I mean Hopeless romantic.  Some of my earliest memories was trading my baby doll with my cousin for her toy sewing machine.Most of my childhood I would watch my mother create curtains and dresses on her Singer vintage sewing machine (which I own today) while she baked pies, peanut butter cookies and her North Carolina Peach Cobbler all this while managing us six kids. Through her caring actions, my mother was providing the stepping stones to what would become my vision of my future.


In 2007, I began blogging about my life as a mother and wife. I title my blog The Domestic Mami. I blogged about being blissfully domestic. I always felt your home is a reflection of you.In 2014, I decided I wanted to share my passion with others - so I began providing Sewing 101 classes. Today, I continue to train and learn as much as I can about the beautiful world of sewing, cooking blogging and living my best life as a maker!

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Grande almond milk caramel latte

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Music playing in the background!

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Loyal, honest, hard-working

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As much as I try not to I make mistakes ,the seam ripper becomes my best friend but  as lo

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